Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Stencil Art - Taking request!

I'm going to kick off this blog with some stencil art for this whole month.

I'm also taking request! Just comment below of what you would want a stencil of (a link to a specific picture would be awesome too!) and I will make a stencil of it in Adobe Illustrator. I will upload your requested stencils hi-res with a .eps as soon as possible!

So leave those suggestions bellow, and don't forget to follow my blog!


  1. This should be interesting, I can't think of anything good right now, I'll definitely request something when I come up with a good one. :]

  2. Interesting stuff. Followed for sure. I've got a friend who's majorly into street art, so this should be of interest to him. I'll recommend you to him.

  3. Definitely going to post an idea when I think of one :)

  4. Cool, looking forward to some good reads! Have a look at my 3 blogs for some insight on me! - Following

  5. Hi man, I'd love to see something about NERV. Here's a picture dark-kingdom.org/NREhtml/Images/NERV2.gif